Africa’s Best Maximum Strength-Super Gro


Monica W. said:
I've been using this product for years, I have several curl patterns, and it can be frustrating, so one day I decided to put it in my bi-racial toddler's hair because it also has different curl patterns. It did the trick, her hair is soft and manageable now. I would recommend it to anyone, especially if they are thinking of relaxing their hair, it might not be needed after a few weeks of this product.

Tonya T. said:
I love this stuff. It made my hair look and feel really healthy. You don't need a lot of this
product to do the job. My hair feels so soft after using this. Will purchase again.

About this item:
Invigorating Herbal Formula for Strong Hair & Healthy Scalp. Contains a blend of high sheen African Oils / An excellent conditioner, moisturizer & enhancer / Enriched with African Herbs
Africa’s Best Super Gro Hair & Scalp Conditioner Maximum Strength.
With ginseng.
Invigorating herbal formula for strong hair & healthy scalp.
Professional strength products designed for use in the home & salon.
Contains a blend of high sheen African oils.
Enriched with African herbs & vitamins.
An excellent conditioner, moisturizer & enhancer.
Helps eliminate dryness & hair breakage.
Deep penetrating formula.
Annie’s Mom said:
I have curly hair that I recently tried to relax…it made my hair HORRIBLE and dry and stringy. I used this ONE TIME and my hair was moisturized and I ended up with BIG CURLS!!!! I LOVE IT!! While some products I have used that were intended for more course, tighter curlier hair texture would make my hair weighed down or too greasy looking, this doesn’t at all! And I only have to use a small amount. I loved this product so much I began using it in my toddler’s curly hair and it did the same thing to her hair. For some reason, it also gives my hair incredible BODY. My daughter’s hair, too. Amazing product. It has taken me a long time to find products that leave my hair shiny, bouncy, and very “flirty.” I use the Aussie conditioning shampoo, Aussie 3 Minute miracle conditioner (once a week) and now this amazing Super Gro cream. Try it!

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