Africa’s Best Ultimate Herbal Oil


Customer review by Kellie
5.0 stars
I read about about AFRICA'S BEST ULTIMATE HERBAL OIL on a hair blog. The ladies involved were extremely informative. I checked on line to see if sales the item mentioned, they did, I purchased two bottles of the herbal oil ( nicely packaged) great scent. After shampooing & conditioning, leave in conditioner and reading instructions on how to apply as hair oil ” I have a brand new head of hair”. There was no breakage, coarseness or unmanageable hair. Just simply smooth, soft, shiny, beautiful black hair. With results like this with one use; I will never purchase another product. Africa's best ultimate herbal oil is absolutely HERBALIOUS.

About the product
Herbal oil for natural hair
Hair growth oil, professional formula
Contains Ginseng
Can also be used after showering.
Africa’s Best Herbal Oil for hair growth. Oil for natural hair. 12oz

Customer review by NightElectric
5.0 stars
I am a Caucasian woman with wavy, yet frizzy and dry hair, due to straightening my hair, shampooing it too much, dying it, and living in such a dry state. I was looking for a chemical free remedy for my icky hair. This stuff is great compared to products with mineral/petroleum oil in them and is so lightweight. My hair has never been so alive! I totally recommend this to everyone of every hair type.

Weight 0.50 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 2 × 1.5 in