Ampro Pro Styling Protein Gel


Ilovethisgel said:
I love this gel. I must admit, I have always been fresked out by it's color. But, it was one of my best decisions to switch from ecostyler to ampro. I use a crap ton of gel and this didn't flake on me, left my hair soft (maybe as a result of all the products I used, but who cares?!), and kinda smelldd good too!
If you're sick of having white hair as a result of your mixing eco styler w. Other things, buy this! If you live in a city, check around for this size first at a lower price, try it, THEN buy the huge tub, lol!

Whiteguy said:
My go-to gel for years. Being a white guy with dark frizzy hair that is impossible to control, there is nothing like it. It holds my hair in place, never flakes and is cheap!


About the product
Does not flake
Non-greasy formula
Gives body and fullness
Adds shine and conditioning

5 starstudded said:
I’ve been using this hair gel for over a decade. I may venture out and try another from time to time, but I always return to this. I have super curly hair and this gel tames my hair with ease. I am able to achieve tailored buns and ponytails with the help of this product. It’s not drying and I feel the protein helps strengthen my hair. Oh! And it’s inexpensive!

Ciara W. said:
This product does what it says. I my hair got perm straight and went back to it’s natural texture after I washed it. With a flat iron or blow dryer after washing, it is still pretty perm-straight. My hair was very manageable. Love this product!

Weight 0.75 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 6 in

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