Cala Beauty Tools, Eye care Essentials Kit


Cala’s eyelash curler kit looked nice, sleek and smooth. When I tried it out I was surprised at how easily it curled my lashes. Normally I’d have to pump, some people call it squeezing, the handle several times to get a good curl going and a few more to get it to stay a while. With this eyelash curler I was able to get a very good curl that stayed for hours with just one squeeze. I didn’t even think that was possible. This eyelash curler is definitely not like any old lash curler, it’s so much better. SKU:8ELC-90603

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Kit includes eyelash curler and lash and brow grooming tool comes with extra set of cushioned pads for eyelash curler.
Cala Beauty Tools are ideal for professional or at home use. Such value for you money!

Eyelash curlers are one of those makeup tools that many women assume are all the same and for a long time I did too. I’m still shocked that there are women out there who don’t own an eyelash curler. You don’t have to be into makeup to own one it’s a great tool to have to keep your eyelashes from poking your eyes. I use it for that purpose and I like that curled eyelashes make my eyes appear more open. Recently I bought an eyelash curler from I’ve read the reviews and customer ratings and Cala eyelash curler seemed to have gotten pretty good feedback. I figured as long as it worked as well as my Revlon one it should be fine, I’m not expecting anything better, but when I used it I got so many compliments at work. I am a believer!

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Dimensions 6.75 × 4 × 1.75 in