Camille Rose Naturals Caramel Cowash

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This stuff makes your mouth water. One of my granddaughters has very thick 4a hair. She loves how soft and tangle free this cowash makes her hair.
Karen said:
Great cowash to use for detangling. Melts knots and detangles hair.

I was scrolling through online sites just to see different brands of co-washes to try when I came across this product. What attracted me to the product was the ingredients and how curly girl friendly they are…HOWEVER the price of this product and Camille Rose's other products is a little bit on the expensive side. But I figured, “What the heck” and purchased the co-wash and 2 other products from her line. I loved how clean it got my hair and scalp and the way it smells. I have 4a/4b hair and I have difficulty defining my curls. The co-wash made my curls pop, I wash sooo amazed! I wish it was 16 oz. instead of 8oz. for the price, but other than that I LOVE the product. The cheapest price was on I will definitely recommend this product to anybody I know and I would purchase this product again 🙂

About the product:
Help clean and refresh your scalp
Treatment replaces shampoo and conditioner
Great for natural, colored and chemically treated hair

Detangle hair with fingers before you clean. Divide into 4 sections and saturate with water. Apply cleansing cream to each section then use fingers to gently massage the scalp. Rinse with water then apply conditioner. Another method- drench strands in the shower and apply Caramel CoWash throughout the length of hair. For thicker textures, section first before applying to ensure every strand is penetrated. Using fingers or palms, massage to emulsify with water until hair is clean. For best results, seal in moisture with your favorite Camille Rose Naturals leave-in conditioner or hair oil.

Camille Rose Naturals Caramel CoWash Cleansing Conditioner will refresh and balance your scalp with Rosemary and Witch Hazels drizzled with Caramel extracts and oils to condition, smooth and tame every hair strand. Your tresses will be left hydrated and restored resulting in less breakage after the first use. Sulfate free, Silicon free and Paraben free.

This co-wash product does what it claims – it cleanses my hair. The co-wash has a somewhat thick consistency but I had no problem getting product out of the bottle thanks to its pump top; it also smells great (as do all of the CRN products). It’s sold at Target which makes it easier to find & purchase; although I chose to buy it from I got it on sale and after the free shipping – it was an BARGAIN!!

This co-wash has little to no slip so I was not able to detangle with it nor does it moisturize my hair so I follow it with a moisturizing conditioner to detangle & provide a bit of moisture. I’ve been able to use this product for 5 washes and still have enough left for 2 – 3 more, which made it a good bargain.

Although this product performed as a cleansing co-wash, I didn’t like how stripped my hair felt & how dull it looked after I rinsed it out so will not repurchase it.

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