L.A. Girl Pro Prep HD Face Primer


The key to perfect skin tone is to create a barrier between your skin and the foundation by applying first a foundation primer. A foundation primer works in the same way as paint primer does, it settles in your pores, fine lines and wrinkles and evens over pimples so that your foundation glides on smoothly. 0.50 fl oz SKU:8LA-GFP949

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L.A. Girl Pro Prep HD Face Primer
-Seals pores and fills in fine lines
-Softens skins and enhances makeup
-Holds makeup for a long and lasting wear

Prep is essential before the big game, before the big test, and before putting on makeup. However, face primer does serve a purpose greater than easing cosmetic application. You makeup geeks know what I am saying…
However the beginners need a helping hand. this is it! L.A. Girl products are easy to use and easy on the budget.

Primers are something that has gained popularity over the last year.  Still, not everyone uses one and the benefits from using a good one are too many to count!  Primers can help by reducing the look of large pores, filling in fine lines, and preventing foundation from looking cakey.  They also help with evening out the skin tone and making your makeup last much longer throughout the day!
I told you primers were good to use 😉

Weight 1.0 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 1.5 × 1.5 in