Non-slip Bathtub Pillow

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Great for relaxing in bathtubs, hot tubs and whirlpools, this comfortable Non-Slip Bathtub Pillow features durable, soft material and built-in suction cups. Measures approximately 11″ x 12″.

Non-slip Bathtub Pillow:
Relaxation Therapy Take a break and rest your head back on our bath pillow. Designed for maximum pleasure, we added soft foam to deliver plush comfort — and suction cups for convenient positioning in the tub. Disclaimer: These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Non-slip Bathtub Pillow
-Easily suctions to tub
-Pillow is mildew-resistant
-Can also be used as a Spa pillow

RELAX LONGER with the pressure of a hard tub off of your back,neck.*SUPERIOR COMFORT AND SUPPORT- a bath pillow for your entire body, not just behind your head *ANTI MILDEW-QUICK DRY MATERIAL- water permeable with tremendous breathability *MACHINE WASHABLE- easy to clean.- *3D AIR MESH TECHNOLOGY- soft layers quilted together with vertical fibers. Don t let the discomfort of a hard tub cut your bath short. Relaxation time is limited and should be enjoyed to the fullest. This premium spa pillow not only provides comfort for your head, it provides comfort and support for your back, and neck, so that you can BATHE IN COMPLETE BLISS for an EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME. ✔ COMPLETE COMFORT- take away the pressure of a hard tub and enjoy a bath the way it should be. Non-slip Bathtub Pillow creates a soft pillow of air between you and the tub, providing superior comfort and support while bathing. Buy two one for your feet, lower back etc. Use it as often as needed. ✔ UNMATCHED DESIGN- a soft top and bottom layer quilted together with vertical fibers creates a unique middle hollow air core. This technology provides optimal support and elasticity while allowing air and water to circulate through. ✔ HYGENIC-MACHINE WASHABLE- makes cleaning this product a breeze. ✔ ANTI MILDEW-QUICK DRY- the unique air core allows for tremendous breathability which ensures that moisture evaporates quickly. ✔ 8 EXTRA STRENGTH SUCTION CUPS- ensures the Non-slip Bathtub Pillow will hold in place on smooth surfaces.

Allison said-this neck/head pillow works well for me. I have used it for a couple months. It sticks to the slant back of my tub if I put some water on the suction cups. When I get out of the tub, I hang it on the loop of the shower hose to dry, and it looks just like new. Other pillows that I have used have been much less satisfactory. Air-filled ones have leaked. A fuzzy covered one looked stained after a while. Another type was much too fat and firm. This one should hold up, it’s comfy, and the price is right. Thanks M&M Wigs, Beauty Supply.

Very nice bath pillow!
Bethany from Fort Worth, TX, USA
Exactly what I was looking for: I wanted a simple bath pillow that dries quickly, and this is perfect! It is comfortable, sticks to the tub well, and dries quick. It doesn’t soak up water like a lot of other bath pillows. Great product!

Shewolf said-Prior to this purchase I had inflatable pillows which lost air constantly and not a good product to have if you have a cat! Anyway, I do like these, though I believe the cushion portion could be a little bit softer. Other than that, great product!

Joel from Mesa AZ, said-My sister has a lower back issue and this pillow is the only one that gives her support she needs. I buy them for her often. Please do not discontinue them.

Mike said: Having back problems, I need a bath cushion that is firm to offer support yet soft since I sit in the tub for 30 minutes each day or longer. This is the only cushion I have ever found that meets this need. I recently found out that the Bed and Bath where I shop is no longer going to carry this product I was very upset. I am sooo happy I found it here. Thanks!!

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Dimensions 11 × 12 × 4 in