Organic Root Stimulator Lock and Twist Gel


If you're looking for a product to use when beginning and retwisting locs, or for perfecting those two-strand twists, does ORS Lock & Twist Gel deliver? Absolutely!!!

This works wonders for my two young daughters & for myself.
It holds great & it did not leave a dual dry look to my hair.
I will continue to purchase this item for years to come.

I think this would be a good product for anyone transitioning from relaxed to natural hair, especially for a transition-friendly style like comb coils.
Applying the gel to wet hair and combing through allows the two textures to blend together, making the line of demarcation less obvious. If you've done the big chop and have a “teeny weeny afro,” the gel works just as well for creating coils on short, natural hair. Wear the coils for a few days or a week, loosen them up and you can enjoy a chunky 'fro for a few days more. 13oz

About the product:
Combines moisture and hold for locks and twists
Alcohol-free, sodium-free
Will not dry out hair
Will not flake or cause build-up
Perfect for all natural styles

When you open the container, you’ll see a white, jelly-like substance with minimal smell, so if you’re sensitive to scents, you’ll probably like this. The fragrance is practically non-existent so it won’t clash with other scents on your hair and won’t overwhelm you.
The Lock & Twist Gel is thick and feels like jelly, but absorbs easily and clearly in your hands and hair. It’s non-sticky and non-coating, which is important when you apply them to locs. You want products that absorb into the hair and not sit on top of it, flake or coat it heavily (like beeswax would).

Guys luv this2:
Most of the time I use gel or hairspray to control my corkscrew curls However, this often leaves them very dry. I decided to try something new and have not been disappointed. This gel moisturized and leaves no crunchy or sticky feeling to my fingers or my hair. It holds my curls all day long and feels like I’m having an amazing hair day everyday. A must buy in my book.

This is my favorite lock and twist gel out of the many we have tried for my son’s 3C hair. He doesn’t have much kink or texture to his hair, but this holds the curls nicely.

Great for Bantu Twist and Knots
I have been wearing my hair natural for nearly 1.5 years and I love this product. It moisturizes my hair without making it greasy and its wonderful for my bantu twists/knots. By using this product in combination with a leave in conditioner I get the kind of curl definition I’m looking for – it’s a part of my standard haircare regimen.

Janet said:
I don’t have locs, so I can’t vouch for how it would work on retwisting, but I’ve used it on two-strand twists and it works very well. Besides applying the gel to each twist section, I dabbed some on the ends for extra hold. The twists didn’t unravel, and when I undid them to style a twist-out, my hair wasn’t as affected by the humidity as it normally is. My twist-out stayed wavy and curly instead of puffing up, even two days later, which was a first for me.

Weight 1.0 lbs
Dimensions 3.4 × 2.8 × 2.8 in