How to Start Box braids Part 2: special thanks to Dopeaxxpana

Choosing a Hair Braider.

Women and men who are becoming interested in hair braiding. It’s trendy because of its aesthetic appeal. By definition, hair braiding is considered as a hairstyle usually formed by a skilled hair braider. It is the weaving of three or more sections of hair to form the well-loved hairstyle. Having your hair braided makes you look cooler and stylish. However, you should choose a reliable and responsible hair braider. Take note that your hair is your crowning glory. It is important that you look into the services of a professional or a person that you can trust. Before engaging the services of a braider, you need to understand and know significant information to help you make a well-informed decision. You may pay a little more to get that sought after stylist.

First, you must find and choose a licensed, registered, and reliable hair salon. Like any other service, you need to choose a salon or store that is lawfully engaged in the said business. You may find various hair salons in your area; however, you need to be sure that you’re dealing with legitimate ones. You can also conduct a brief research about the salon or store through its website and reading its reviews or by talking to some who have successfully availed themselves of its services.

Second, make up your mind as to your chosen hair braid style or design. Before attending an appointment with your chosen hair braider, it is good that you have already chosen a hair braid style. If possible bring pictures with several views. By doing this, your chosen braider will be guided in braiding your hair, and you’ll be sure that your personality will shine through.

Third, as much as possible, advise your braider not to make the braids too tight. If you braid is too tight, you’ll run the risk of hair breakage.

Last, always continue your hair care regimen. Even if you choose to braid your hair, it does not follow that you will no longer maintain its health.

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