LQQK 10pc Professional Comb Set


100% high quality
Color: Black or Bone
Material: Plastic
Quantity: 1 set (10pcs)
Size: as the picture shows
Each comb has its own styling needs,10 different black or bone colored combs in each set.
Attention: Size may be slight inaccuracy due to different batches of the products, or hand measurement;

Perfect combination of different types of combs, and different widths. There is a teasing comb, wide tooth comb for wet/curly hair. When I bought this set I had poker straight hair now I have permed hair and this set is great for all types. I recommend purchasing this set of combs. 10 combs in each pkg


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LQQK Professional Comb Set
-Perfect For hair styling
-Designed For All Hair Lengths
-Includes 10 Assorted Combs
-Economic Combs

IncredibleDeal said:
Hubby and I were looking for good combs that are NOT sharp and stabby on our scalps. These are really nice. Rounded edges, not painful at all. They are fairly thick, not flimsy like most of the cheap ones are. We like these better than Goodies.
Every size we could ever need for everyday use, haircutting and the occasional fancy ‘do (on me not the hubby). The small rat tail comb is even fine enough to use on a beard/mustache (on the hubby not me).
I’d say these are a must have and I highly recommend them.

No flaws said:
This is my second time buying this comb set. I absolutely love it. There’s no flaws. I use it to comb my wigs. It has a rat-tail comb so I can create parts and section off hair nicely. There are a few wide-tail combs which is good for a very knotted wig. Sometimes my wigs get so knotted that they need to have surgery XD. So this is a very helpful tool. There is a comb with 4 rat-tails that I use to section off hair that I want to layer. This will be helpful when I am layering bangs. The smaller combs are useless after I am done using the bigger combs or when I am doing a tinier style.
These combs are so very useful!

Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 1.5 in