LQQK, Senegal Twist Crochet Braid


I started getting compliments on this hair while I was only half done, that's how flattering they are. They are soft to touch and depending on ones preferences, can be bulky. I made them bulky and I must say they were super heavy. They really weighed down on my neck. Keep in mind that mine were bulky, I used 7 packs if I'm not mistaken, so maybe that's why they were heavy. I removed them after a month because I wanted something else. But they were still looking nice. I would recommend these braids, however, just go easy on the number of packs you use.

I absolutely loved these twists! I did my very first crochet set using these. The first time I installed these I made the mistake of placing them too close together which made it super heavy. The second time around I tried them with 10 cornrows which I did with braiding hair so there would be less tension on my hair and I only place the twists in the front close together and I had no problem with heaviness. I will be installing the same twists again for the third time. These are reusable and I'm on my soon to be third install. The hold up well. Definitely a money saver and a must buy. 7 packs max should be more than enough. 7 packs and 10 cornrows for your crochet set. These aren't “small” either. They are more of a medium size. They're long. I'm 5'10 and the stop at my lower back.


About the product:
LQQK Authentic Synthetic Crochet Braids Hair, Twist Style
Different 15 Colors Available, 18inch, 70g/Pack
100% Hand Braided, High Quality Synthetic Crochet Braids Hair,
Superior Quality
Easy to Use & Manage, and You Can Split 1X Twist Hair (DIY)
Advantage: The Hair by Very Healthy, Soft, Durable, Let You Feel More Comfortable When Using and You Can Use It for Long Time

Crochet Braid
It is easy to crochet the hair and complete the style
Senegal Twist has twists from the top to the bottom of the hair.
Each of the strands is hand-tied so that it is twisted precisely, preventing untangling.
LQQK is made of fiber exclusively developed to resemble the touch and feel of human hair.

I purchased this braid in a color 1B and I’m absolutely in love!!! This installment has been in for over 7weeks and once I remove I plan to shampoo and condition and reinstall in another 8weeks. I did not have any strand unravel…just perfect:-)


Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 5 × 2 in

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