Morena BMU Full Wig Collection


BMU Wigs Premium Synthetic. Glamorous celebrity inspired looks.
I have 3 Supreme wigs and like them all. Comfortable and attractive styles. My favorite is the Morena. Shake and wear. No fuss. I am a senior citizen, and this is the 1st year I’ve tried wigs, but plan to wear them forever. No bad hair days, or extra time to work with hair styles, just pop on and go. I have received countless compliments, and often asked for info about my hairdresser! Hand Tied Mono top Lace wig. Captivate your audience.


Length: Short
Construction: Mono Top
Fiber: Synthetic Hair, heat friendly
Product Type: Wig

This wig is also made with Kanekalon fibers are heat friendly synthetic fibers. These fibers feel real, healthy and can be styled using thermal tools on medium settings (up to 180C and 350F). Feeling sassy? Add chunky curls. Curling has never been so easy. When curling Morena synthetic hair wig, simply slide the curled fiber off the iron and pin the warm curl with a clip until the fiber cools and curl sets. Steam rollers and/or wet setting can also be used. Going for a sleek, modern look? Pull out your flat iron and smooth things out. Wash and wear hair. Easy to style. Hand Tied Mono top Lace wig. Captivate your audience

Our Morena BMU Full Wig Collection, are  a customer’s favorites for many reasons. There is virtually no styling needed. Now you can look fabulous every day! Synthetic fibers are “pre-styled”, so they can stay curled to perfection or stay straight as a pin! No more fussing with a styling tool daily. Synthetic wigs are also more affordable, so you can change your look every day! These wigs are available in a variety of caps: monofilament tops, fully hand-tied caps or traditional caps.

Synthetic wigs are the cutting edge of wig technology. These chemically formulated fibers are so realistic, no one will be able tell them apart from human hair. You can style these fibers with heat tools , so you curl and straighten them like real human hair.

Great wig for a steal
I’ve been a stylist for 14 years now and decided a while back to start building a collection of wigs just to be able to change my cut and color from day to day to save my hair from the chemical damage of changing my color so often. This wig was another cheap purchase to add to my beautiful collection of fun!

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 9 × 1.5 in

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