Remembrance of our Veterans by Doug Pederson

Remembrance of our veterans

Of all the best, there’s many at rest
What matters most, they stood their post
They are the brave, they did not waive
To those who serve, such honor they deserve

Charging from the front line, more troops followed behind
Never in the clear, did not cringe facing fear
Bravest are they that stood, the wounded fired that could
All fought to win, struggling to the bitter end

They stood their grounds, amidst the battle sounds
Dreadful fight against all odds, valiantly they continued to plod
Trudging over rough terrain, advancing ground to gain
Only they could tell, what it was like in hell

The conditions were cruel, but they fought by the rule
Striking the foe with a mighty blow
Defending our home lands over sky and sands
Courageous they led, preserving our homestead

Breathless warriors laid to rest; the remaining begin the quest
Feeling weary and distraught from endless time they fought
Dense smoke settled low, flickering light by embers glow
Our flag was unscathed, road to home now paved.

Must not forget what was done, we are proud to have won
We give our thanks, to those who served in the ranks
They were dependable, most highly commendable,
The valiance displayed, their loyalty and value weighed

From here or across the sea, they battled for our liberty
What liberty has brought, envision what bravery has taught
Freedom is not free; no response from the roll call absentee
A life they gave, taps sounding beyond their grave

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